Complete Fitness, Lake Saint Louis, MO
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Kids ages 2 and up

We have a wide range of options to entertain your children, including cartoons and DVD movies, indoor climber, toys, toys, and more toys, coloring books, and feel free to bring your electronic devices.

Kids Play Hours

Monday – Saturday 8am – 12pm

Monday – Thursday 4pm – 8pm



   Surveillance camera viewable on the gym floor for your peace of mind

    Germ free flooring with a rigid sanitation schedule

    Private bathroom

    Two staff members to provide care

    “Kids cry when they have to leave” has been our greatest compliment


Complete Fitness

6225 Ronald Reagan Drive

Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367

(636) 614-1180

Complete Fitness is Privately Owned and Operated

Complete Fitness, Lake Saint Louis, MO